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Apple Pie

Fresh apple pie makes me think of wholesome eating, country life, whole food and good ‘ol fashion home cooking.  And an apple pie is always welcome and well received. And even more, it’s fun to get creative with the pie crust and make it look real pretty. This apple pie I made was inspired by @thefeedfeed on Instragram. It was the most beautiful pie I’d seen and I thought, I’m going to make that! So I did and it was fun. And I can’t wait to make another one. has amazing recipes and their food photos are completely inspiring.

I don’t have a receipt for this pie as I did a Jamie Oliver and just threw in my ingredients from my head. All I know was that there were apples, cinnamon, brown sugar, bit of flour all mixed together and tossed into the home-made pie crust. The pastry recipe was from the Sweet Apple Pie recipe from the Thermomix Recipe Community, here.  Enjoy!