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 dagmar_meachemCooking with Dagmar Meachem

Def’n: cooking from scratch using whole food ingredients that are healthy, nourishing and most of all delicious.

So what’s the deal? What’s all the rave about this whole food, from scratch, home-made kind of cooking anyway? And why should you care?

This is Dagmar Meachem here and I wanted to share with you why I get goose bumps when I talk about cooking the whole food and heartfelt way and why spending the time to cook good food is so important.

I think I’ve always been interested in cooking food from scratch but there was a limit to how far I would go. This limit changed when I purchased my Thermomix. I am in no way promoting this machine, as I don’t sell it. However what it did was open my eyes to the things I can make using the raw ingredients that nature provides us. Does that sound a bit cheesy? Sorry but it’s true!

I started making things I’ve ndagmar_meachem_laughingever made before: bread, almond butter, almond milk, coconut milk and yogurt to mention a few. I even started milling my own flour for my bread! I started to learn that when you decrease the processing of raw ingredients and shorten the time from when they’re processed to when they’re eaten you get more nutrients out of food. I learned that it’s quite easy and very important to add more vegetables to your meals in fun and creative ways for both adults and children. I also learned that by making my own food from scratch I was avoiding harmful preservatives that research now shows to cause various cancers, behavioural disorders in children and other serious health issues. Mostly though, I learned that by making food from scratch it tastes so much better! Wow, the flavours, the complexity and the music in your mouth is what gives me the goosebumps.

This is when I fell in love with the whole food way of cooking. And because I’ve always put my heart into what I cook and I live in a very heartfelt way, that’s where the name Heartfelt Food came from.

I encourage everyone to spend more time preparing and cooking good quality, home-made and most often healthy food. 

Come inside one of my cooking classes (below) and have a peak at some of the things I love to make and share with others.

Raw Food Cooking Class